Who We Are

Iowa Birth Organization is a volunteer run grassroots movement. This is a movement for everyone.  We desire to promote good birth outcomes for all by raising awareness about the truth about evidence and practice in birth.  When we say good outcomes we mean the holistic well-being of the entire family, and social system, surrounding mothers and babies. There  is significant evidence to confirm the gap between research and current practice in maternity care. We firmly believe change is not only needed, but necessary. Iowa Birth Organization is working  to connect individuals, professionals, and organizations in order to inform, advocate, and unite for better outcomes! 
 “When  I know better I do better.” ~ Maya Angelou
We aim to provide consumers of maternity care with current research about pregnancy, birth, and the postpartum period.  By increasing the accessibility of this information we believe that consumers will be better equipped to make informed decision about their care.
We advocate for moms and babies, as well as their families.  We believe that birth is a significant life-changing event in a woman’s life. It is a basic human right that mothers be allowed to make informed decisions about the birth of their children.
We are stronger together. We refuse to draw a line in the sand that divides people when it comes to issues surrounding birth [and beyond] and instead desire to bring people (from varying viewpoints) who all want the same thing – the right for individuals to make their own informed choices – together. Simply put, together our voices will be louder!

Written by Mandi Hardy Hillman (President) August 2013

We are a grassroots volunteer run organization. Any financial support you provide helps us continue to reach out to families in our state and help make a positive impact in their lives. We are grateful for your thoughtful consideration.