What's in your nursing basket?

What’s in you nursing basket?

Preparing you Nursing Basket
By: Sandi Hoover of Roots Prenatal Yoga in Des Moines

In all the wonderful ways you are preparing for labor and birth, here is an idea to help prepare for the first few weeks at home with baby. For all the time you will spend feeding your little one you may find it extremely helpful to have a portable basket (a bag works, but I like a basket to easily see and get to contents) to have for when you are nestled in for a nice long session of feeding baby.

Here are a few things you may consider having in your kit:

nursing nest basket~Water bottle – It never failed that when I was in bedroom my water was in the living room, or when I was in nursery water was not there. My sweet husband could almost anticipate my, “honey, could you please bring my water bottle” a minute after baby latched on and my thirst kicked in.
~Breast pads and nipple cream (Newman’s Nipple Ointment is the BEST and can be prescribed by your provider to be compounded at your pharmacy)
~Burp cloth(s)
~Nail file, hand creme – for you. My nails never looked as good as they did those early days of nursing!
~Chapstick, or better yet coconut oil that you can use for yourself and baby.
~Positive affirmation – this could be on a notecard or even on your phone. Some affirmation ideas: “I may not be perfect, but I am the perfect mother for this baby” “My baby and I are getting to know each other more each day. I take motherhood day by day”, “I give myself space and grace to get used to being a mama”.
~Baby nail clippers – I found it easiest to clip baby nails when they were asleep, which is often after they nursed.
IMG_2211~Your phone – while it is nice to check email or social media from time to time I hope you will leave at least one feeding session media free where you can just relish in the wonder of your baby. You will not regret this special time together.
~Kleenex – I was so emotional those first few weeks and just smelling my baby and remembering their birth story could easily bring on the waterworks.
I’m sure there are more things you could pack your basket with, but I’m a simple gal. Personalize your basket to suit you. I would restock my basket before I went to bed for the night to feel ready for the next nursing session. Blessings! I bow to you mamas.

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