Launch: Resource Guide 2.0

I cannot believe I’m about to say [type] this, but we’re ready to launch the Iowa Birth Resource Guide 2nd edition, or as I’m calling it 2.0!

Guide 2015

Iowa Birth Organization’s Inaugural Birth Resource Guide

Our mission was to create an eye-catching booklet that allowed evidence-based information to be easily accessed and shared.  Overwhelmingly the feedback we’ve received has been positive and reinforced that overall, we were quite successful.  We published over 5000 copies of the Birth Resource Guide in the early winter of 2014 and have been working to distribute them across the state since.  In the process of creating the guide we learned many valuable lessons.  We knew that there would be hurdles and challenges that we couldn’t anticipate, and boy were we right!  However, we kept pressing forward knowing that the first time you do something is often the hardest. We’re taking all that we learned and we’re ready to make the 2nd edition even better!

Here’s the plan for the 2nd edition:

  • Publish more copies.  Aiming for 10,000 (1/4 of the births that happen in Iowa annually).
  • More specific and strategic plan for distribution.
  • Clearer guidelines and stricter deadlines for advertising and article submissions.
  • Release date: Labor Day!

Advertising: We have 4 size options available

  • Full page, qty 12
  • Half page, qty 15
  • Small, qty 20
  • small square, qty 50
  • Visit our shop to purchase advertising.

Directory listings: Our directly listings are free, and always will be! We have an extensive online directory and it’s consistently expanding and updating.  If you’d like to list your business or organization in this directory, please complete this form.

At this point our leadership team is determining whether or not it is valuable (as a resource and a financial investment – number of pages) to publish the directory listings in the Resource Guide.  The discussion revolves around the necessity of print phone books – they just are not used in the 21st century, websites are.  The alternative plan, if the listings are not published in the print guide, would be to pepper the guide with reminders about the online directory resources.

Cover Image Contest: Anyone is welcome to enter as many photographs as they would like.  There is a $25 entry fee per image (purchased in our shop). Entry deadline is July 1, 2015 at midnight.  Full rules and entry guidelines here: Photo contest rules and guidelines.

Still looking to get your hands on some of the 1st editions?  There are a still a few hundred waiting to be snagged up and spread around.  Here are some locations (if these don’t meet your needs let us know, we want these to be in the hands of the people who can use this information):

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