Help Wanted

Volunteer Openings

Below is a list of specific volunteer positions we need to fill with passionate and committed individuals.  
If you fit the bill, please contact us

Regional leaders (Northeast, Southeast, Central, Northwest, Southwest)
Work to create a thorough list of resources available in your region; communicate about events that are happening in your region; willingness to assist IBO in coordinate events in your region; willingness to be regional representative /advocate to professional providers.  

Graphic Design
Ability to create visually appealing and informational graphics (monthly), event and promotional print design as needed. 

Resource Guide Project Manager
Oversee the process of creating a statewide printed resource guide.  Lead a team of several (across the state) individuals to establish and confirm Iowa resources; seek writing contributors; seeking (and tracking) advertising; designing the guide layout; production (printing) of the guide; distribution.

Event Planner
IBO would like to continually host events throughout the state that address our mission of Uniting, Informing, and advocating.  This person would work with IBO to establish locations for various events and seek local volunteers to ensure the event is communicated in the region. 

Writers & Presenters
Guest bloggers are always welcome at IBO!  Is public speaking your thing?  We need volunteers willing to speak (or record mini “ted talks) at various times across the state.  Information and support for this public speaking (or recording) positions will be provided by IBO.

We are a grassroots volunteer run organization. Any financial support you provide helps us continue to reach out to families in our state and help make a positive impact in their lives. We are grateful for your thoughtful consideration.